VEHICLE: 1991 NA6CE Eunos Roadster (Imported 2001)

ENGINE & DRIVETRAIN: 1590cc 16v DOHC, Homebrew Induction kit consisting of K&N cone filter/ebay MAF adapter/45 degree silicone elbow from an Optare Solo bus, Gutted Cat, 1.8l Propshaft, 1.8l Halfshafts, 1.8l Open Diff welded by Tom @ I.B.A.P.E

CHASSIS: 14″ Racing Sparco Alloys with 185/60R14 Falken Ze914’s (Front) ‘Whatever’ of a similar spec (Rear – Because Drift Car!), G.A.B Adjustable Dampers with unknown springs, Hydraulic Handbrake, Upper front Strut Brace, Lower rear Brace,

EXTERIOR: Mariner Blue Hardtop, Garage Vary Style Polyurethane Front Splitter, Sidelight/indicators tinted yellow, Aerial removed and Blanked, Offset import size front plate, Fog light relocated into O/S reverse lamp, Tegiwa rear towhook,

INTERIOR: Momo Steering wheel, Both seats Foamectomised, CG Lock, Carbing 6 Point Rollcage with Harness Bar, Custom (Homebrew/tramp) Shorty Centre console, JellyBelly Air Freshener(!), Various bits missing to save weight.

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